Whats Different At Rawhide Ridge


Hidden Critters at Hound Harbor


What's Different at Whisker Winds


Hidden Critters at the General Store


Hidden Critters at Feline Falls


What's Different at The Press


Hidden Critters at Cape Claw

Paw Island PAWNG
Help Kee Kat bounce the ball across the net, and keep the ball in play.
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The Junior Editor Game
There are letters missing from the Paw Island Press, and Scratch needs your help to find them.
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Fifi's Total Make Over Game
Help Fifi give makeovers! Put silly hair, faces, hats, wigs and more on your favorite islander.
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Graham Paw's Slider Game
Some of the Island maps are all messed up. Help Mayor Graham Paw get them in order again.
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Quagmar's Memory Pans Game
Use your memory to match the pictures and keep Quagmar from getting all the litter pans.
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Paw Pickin
Help Ria gather fruit to use in her famous pies...
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Fishin with Buford
Help Buford catch as many fish as you can. Just click on each fish you see. But be careful ... there are some things you don't want to catch.
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Ria's Puzzle Game
Help Ria put some of her pictures back together! Click here or on the picture for the game.

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