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The Company

Paw Island Entertainment, Inc. is named for its first creative property: Paw Island, the magical island world of dogs and cats. Other properties are planned. Our corporate mission is to produce responsible entertainment as outlined in the following statements.

We are responsible:
1. To our culture. We produce content that is moral. That builds character. That is wholesome, positive and good for children.

2. To children. We produce content that is engaging and fun. Nothing impactful or positive will matter if children are not entertained.

3. To our shareholders. We strive to make our efforts profitable. We remember those who make our efforts possible and work hard to ensure a return on their investment.

4. For our actions and efforts in achieving these goals.

5. For positively impacting the lives of children.

The Products
Paw Island Entertainment is the publisher and developer of a series of childrens books, collectible toys, educational curriculum for music and the arts, a massive entertainment website for kids and families, and a series of home videos. Video will be the cornerstone of Paw Island Entertainments continued growth in the childrens market. Domestic and international rights for distribution are in the negotiation stage. To promote the products, the Company has also designed and built a 79 semi tractor and trailer that is part of a sponsored school-based events program. Gross impressions are expected to be in the tens of millions in 2001.

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